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An Anthology for Hurt, Hope, and Healing

At some point, we all make a pitstop in a quaint town called Victimville. The presumably thriving community is socially and economically complicated, overpopulated, and notorious for deception. While many can attest that Victimville is rich in suffering but poor in hope, the biggest discovery is that the town has no geographical location because it only exists in the mind. 

In her debut anthology, Vacate Victimville, Vernice Cooper gives readers a brief tour of Victimville, and allows readers to better understand the imprisonment of their own thoughts. Using relatable fictional short stories and poetry, the author invites readers to reflect on their trauma, motivations, and healing journey in hopes to find their own road out of Victimville.


In her debut workbook, Vacate Victimville: A Recovery Workbook, Vernice Cooper provides step-by-step strategies to ignite your hope and jump-start your healing. Stemming from her bestselling book, Vacate Victimville, which captivated readers with her emotionally-charged short stories about hope and healing, readers will be able to use this workbook as a guide to deep dive into hidden messages from the bestselling book. 


After completing the engaging exercises, readers will be able to:

  • Confidently address any past traumatic experiences

  • Quickly implement the strategies to invoke your healing 

  • Process emotional roadblocks with ease

  • Adopt a hopeful mindset 


Vacate Victimville: A Recovery Workbook will aid in your healing process, encourage you to tap into your hope tank, as well as give you the clarity you’ll need to have a willingness to change.




Featured chapter, "The Lion's Den"

The Breaking Point is stories by men and women on how they came to that turning point and were able to overcome adversity and reach their own personal breakthrough in life. 

These twenty women and men, some first-time authors, said yes to the transformation; yes, to the stretching; yes, to going back to those dark places that brought them pain. Because they knew what they experienced wasn’t just for them, but it was for others who will come behind them needing those words to pull them up and help them move to a place of wholeness. These authors are writing from a place of victory, a place where they are no longer the victim.


Each story will encompass their unique struggle of how they overcame the challenges to find that you had the courage, the power, and the resolve to build your life again. 

This book will serve as a potent reminder that everyone has the power to choose which direction they want for their own lives.

Download the e-book only $1.99 on 4/19/22 ONLY! 

Order your signed paperback copy today!

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